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The job may be a more dangerous place than you realize. Virtually every form of employment involves some threat, even if you do not work in a dangerous field, such as agriculture, factories, or construction. People also receive debilitating injuries from jobs that require repetitive motion, such as lifting boxes or keyboarding.

When workplace injuries in Portland, OR, threaten your livelihood, count on the workmen's compensation lawyer from Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen. Mr. Hansen has been practicing this type of law for more than 36 years. Count on his skill and knowledge for the help you need when injured at work. Call the office for a free consultation.

Workers' Comp Paperwork in Portland, OR

Help in Navigating Workers’ Comp Requirements

Workers Compensation is a benefit you must claim. There are a number of deadlines and different forms that you must file about your work injuries. It is on your shoulders to take care of the necessary paperwork for your claim. This can be very confusing and stressful when you are receiving medical care or recovering from an injury.

You need a workplace injury attorney to advise you about the procedure and deadlines. Mr. Hansen knows state law, as well as the agency requirements. He can walk you through the process so you receive this mandated benefit. Workers' comp payments include money for medical care, lost wages, retraining, and permanent injuries. If a death has resulted after an employee has been injured on the job, the family receives a benefit for this loss.

Workplace Injuries Covered by Worker's Compensation

Injuries and accidents can happen at any time. Since the average person spends one-third of his or her day at work, the jobsite is a place where many of these mishaps occur. Mr. Hansen is here to advocate for you when you have been the victim of an accident at the job or while performing work-related tasks at another venue or while traveling. Injuries that are covered by Worker's Comp include the following:

  • Accidents Involving Heavy Machinery
  • Work-Related Medical Illnesses
  • Construction-Related Accidents
  • Injuries Caused by Falling Objects
  • Back, Neck, & Shoulder Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Leg & Knee Injuries
  • Lifting Injuries
  • Scarring Injuries
  • Job-Related Traffic Accident Injuries

What to Do When Your Claim Is Rejected?

Turn to this workplace injury lawyer when your Worker's Compensation claim has been denied. During his career, Mr. Hansen has handled thousands of claims. He can look into why the state agency rejected your claim and file the paperwork again with any changes that need to be made. He has been successful in doing this for others and is ready and willing to work with you.

Contact us today for help in filing the necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines to receive workers' comp insurance. Peter O. Hansen serves clients from Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Oregon City, Oregon.